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Our brand captures the nobility of falcon cultural legacy that exists within GCC, using the falcon characterizes our values of an exquisite sport for centuries. Capturing the transition from hunting birds into owning them and feeding them, we've transitioned the Lexus and Landcruiser to another level of exotic like never before. The legacy of these two brands has been embedded into our culture, 

it's time we give them what they deserve.

Bahrain and GCC's business world is focused on delivering new technologies and business solutions to people’s needs, we’re introducing your own luxury garage that focuses on every customer that focuses on quality and not quantity.

We try to deliver luxury higher than your expectations.

Full option cars are for everyone, but the extra touch defines our individuality. Every single profile is viewed as per the customer's needs, the overall look you are trying to achieve in your luxury vehicle is our mission to deliver.  Our focus is Lexus LX570 & Toyota Land Cruisers. Imported from Russia and closely working with KHANN as their distributor for Bahrain & KSA, we guarantee your

LX or LC will achieve that luxury perfection you’re looking for.

Our social media suggests different builds before you make your order and many variations are possible with our Customization Programmes, nonetheless the customs builds are also quite the treat. GCC’s utmost favorite SUVs got the finest upgrade in the market, your LX & LC will never be the same.

Think Class – Drive Class, with KHANN.





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